Wednesday, September 3, 2008

State Insurance Department urges Louisiana residents to review ...

The Louisiana Department of Insurance reminds consumers that the beginning of the New Year is a good time to look over all of your various insurance policies to make sure you have the policies you need in the right amounts.

Travel Insurance Tips

Travel Insurance Tips - Understand the limits, excesses and exclusions to avoid huge bills and get the best price Travel insurance is a 'must' for anyone going away whether on holiday or for business so it is wise to check that the ...

Adventure Planning: Travel Insurance

Spontaneity and rolling with the flow makes for many a magical adventure, but a bit of forethought and planning can prevent a little mishap from turning into a budget-sucking disaster or worse.

The History of Insurance

People understand the meaning of the term insurance and the basic principles behind it, but not all of them know the history of this economic concept.

Owner's Title Insurance.95% Buy It, 10% Know Why!

(This is a Virginia specific posting, Our Owner's policy sometimes cost 3 to 4x that of other states) Owner's Title Insurance is OPTIONAL!

How to Complain about an insurance company!

It happens. Some people have valid complaints against insurance companies. If you feel as if your insurance company has violated the terms of your insurance policy in some way, you do have a way to register a complaint.

Ethicist Questions Insurance Rate Data

A new computer model that has contributed to large spikes in property insurance rates in coastal areas should have had full review by outside experts before it was released, the ethics chief of the world's largest general scientific ...

Pay Your Health Insurance Way Before It's Due, A Cautionary Tale

Getting health insurance held up by bureaucratic red tape is one thing... but magnetic tape? Jacob writes:.

Wal-Mart's New Health Insurance Figures Prove That Crisis Worsened ...

Wal Mart's Health Insurance Figures Contradict Earlier Statements and Show the Number of Wal Mart Employees Insured By the Company Actually Decreased in 2006.

Tampa Car Salesman Charged With Fake Insurance Cards

Florida insurance investigators on Wednesday arrested a Tampa car salesman for selling bogus personal injury protection (PIP) cards.