Sunday, November 30, 2008

Medical Insurance

If we look at the costs of medical treatment, we find it going on the steeper side.

FSA flood insurance!

Last week I met with head of Wisc FSA, Ben Brancel and his #1, Russ Raeder and Wisconsin Department of Ag, Laura Paine and #1 in my eyes, Will Hughes.

Comment on Shop Around for Health Insurance by Tiffany

It’s good advice to shop around and get several opinions on types of coverage to get, and any other questions you may have.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Insurance Company Offers Discounts for Green Buildings

American International Group, AIG, is now offering insurance policy discounts, up to 10%, on their premiums for new Pollution Legal Liability (PLL) policies for buildings that are awarded LEED certification.

There’s Free Life Insurance And Then There’s Free Life Insurance!

I’ve talked in the past about a product called return of premium term insurance. It is often touted as “free life insurance”, because if you outlive the term insurance you get a refund of all the premiums paid in.

:: Employer’s Refusal To Submit Required Information To Insurance ...

If the factual allegations in Mitchell’s First Amended Complaint are true, this case provides still another illustration of a deserving plaintiff denied a remedy-a plaintiff who apparently did everything reasonably to be expected of an ...

Whole Life Insurance Is Very Commonly Misunderstood.

If you already own a whole life insurance policy or, if you are considering one, it is very important that you fully understand this product and how it works. Learn more.